Virtual Women’s Health & Wellness Summit

Welcome — Opening Remarks

9:00 AM

Mary Grate-Pyos

Mary Grate-Pyos, MBA, CFBS®

MassMutual Capitol District


Meditation Moment

9:10 AM

Richa Badami

Richa Badami

Personal Transformation Coach

Morning Meditation

Anxiety Solutions During These Unprecedented Times

Coach Monique is a Change Management Expert with 17 years experience working as a Life and Executive Coach. All of her work is based in Brain-Science, Emotional Intelligence, The Science of Well-Being, and The Psychology of Happiness.

During this presentation, you will:

  • Discover the 4 Universal Triggers for Emotional Suffering
  • Have access to an exclusive tool to help you uncover your primary emotional trigger
  • Learn Coach Monique’s trademarked Delete Delete Technique™ so that you can easily shift negative stressful thinking to more positive thinking
  • Get a “user’s manual” to help you understand how to get your mind to work for your rather than against you when it comes to your negative emotions
  • Learn Coach Monique’s trademarked Peel Away The Story Technique™ to overcome limiting beliefs

Lots of experts will tell you what to do, but Coach Monique will actually give you her easy to learn, easy to use, and immediately relevents tools, techniques, education and solutions to help you overcome your stress and anxiety TODAY.

Opening Speaker — 9:20 AM

Monique DeMonaco

Coach Monique DeMonaco


Coach Monique & Associates

Monique is a Change Management Expert and professional speaker. During her 17-years experience as a coach, Monique has worked with C-Suite executives, she has developed and implemented a behavior-centered assessment, as well as trademarked techniques based on Brain-Science, Social and Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and Psychology of Happiness.

She has successfully coached C-Level, mid-management, and celebrity-turned-branded business leaders in the following enterprise sectors: corporate, privately-held companies, nonprofit organizations, and million-dollar technology startups.

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Through her work with leaders, Monique has gained keen insight into the executive world. As a coach with longevity in the leadership arena, Monique has witnessed the negative impact that high turnover, low morale, constant conflict, and the communication gap has on her clients’ success. She coaches leaders with fractured teams, blurred boundaries, and inconsistent allegiance.

Monique helps brilliant thinkers develop effective communication skills to become intentional leaders who initiate powerful organizational standards, build cohesive teams, and a collaborative workplace. Through her methodological coaching process, these executives evolve into well-respected, highly effective, and culturally-driven strategists. She meets her clients where they are and takes them to where they need to be.

Clients say Monique is personable, intuitive, and approachable. Leaders find her conversational coaching style complements her passion for change management. Utilizing an Emotional Intelligence Profile, GE Executive Assessment, and her A→B→CC Conceptual Model™ as part of her strategically-proven coaching tools, Monique’s clients drive innovation for their teams, increase productivity and profitability.

She coaches clients to discover their untapped leadership potential to become high-performing executives. Her C-Level clients develop lateral thinking, encourage intergenerational communication, and cultivate skills necessary to anticipate future change while acquiring stronger leadership competencies.

Mindset Wellness

Success thru Story

In this breakout session we will discuss Story, how it impacts your self-esteem, your relationships, and your ability to live your best life.

  • Unique techniques to reframe self-talk and build self worth
  • Visualizations tools that can help you manifest success
  • A story template to reframe how you see yourself and how you communicate


Breakout Room — 10:00 AM & 11:00 AM

Cyndy Porter

Cyndy Porter

Owner and Success Maker

Success thru Style

Cyndy Porter is an personal branding, image and style expert. Her company Success thru Style with Cyndy Porter has one mission: to transform women’s lives by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence that they are presenting the best version of themselves to the world. This is achieved through hands-on workshops, one-on-one coaching/consulting, and live events and presentations.

Your image is powerful. Creating and showcasing your personal style is a building block for professional success. Cyndy’s personal branding expertise, fashion and style guidance will lead you to a better understanding of your strengths and best features. Cyndy brings fashion and function together, a vital combination for every woman everywhere. With Cyndy Porter’s expertise, there are no flaws, only a flawless personal brand that is reflected from head to toe while radiating from within.

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Cyndy began her career in sales and marketing and became a divisional vice president at a media conglomerate. Today, Success thru Style builds on that business knowledge and experience, providing personal branding, image and style services locally in Metro D.C., Maryland and Northern VA, as well as globally.

You are art in motion. Success thru Style provides a variety of programs to teach individuals, groups, companies and large audiences how to create a personal brand and apply art principles to how they dress–the same principles used to create beautiful portraiture or art of any kind. Success thru Style teaches how to see oneself in artful terms and how to express oneself through image, style, and photography.

Professional success is a combination of hard work, dedication and confidence in yourself. Your personal brand should reflect this, as well as your unique style. With Cyndy and her understanding of business, photography, and branding, you are given the tools to achieve Success thru Style.

Spiritual Health

How to Harness Your Intuition – (Reaching Your Potential Through Divine Guidance)

Living empowered lives often means weathering the storm that surrounds us. From external forces to our own internal conflicts, we often find ourselves in a state of confusion and worry, keeping us from experiencing the peaceful flow in life we long for.

Using energetic alignment tools to tap into our intuition helps us side-step the mind and allows us to learn from the expansive intelligence of our body and spirit.

Join Mina as she shares innovative, yet practical tools to tune into our higher selves – easily accessing the guidance available to all of us.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How to energetically clear past life experiences that are draining your energy
  • Use the power of the pendulum and muscle testing for daily guidance
  • Understand the manifesting process to bring thought into form


Breakout Room — 10:00 AM & 11:00 AM

Mina Fies

Mina Fies

Intuitive Guide | Energy Master | Zen Designer

After spending over a decade building a highly successful home design and remodeling firm Mina experienced what she calls a “mid-life epiphany” realizing she longed to create something more. Desperately looking for answers, Mina took off for two months and drove across the country by herself in hopes of discovering what was next.

The road trip was full of unexpected (and often hilarious) twists and turns, however, the most profound moments included visits to places which held childhood memories she thought she had buried long ago. The ability to release those hurts once-and-for-all created an opening and pathway towards the healing and awakening she had always longed for.

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During one particular life-changing experience, Mina received a “download” that her work was much deeper than simply sharing Feng Shui and basic energetic principles with her clients. She was to incorporate and share the energetic gifts she had kept hidden away for decades.

Ever since that shift in consciousness, the unfolding of her life has been magical. Her marriage and love for her husband and her work is deeper than ever and she’s rekindled the passion for helping others create tap into their own unique gifts and create the Sacred Spaces within themselves to live their best lives.

Natural & Holistic Living

Beyond the Mask and Hand Sanitizers – How to Thrive Holistically Through the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Up to 70% of the world’s population is expected to get the Coronavirus.

It is frightening to learn the odds of getting COVID-19 are quite high and for some consequences severe. In this enlightening presentation Ranjana Chawla will provide concrete, actionable plans that you can implement immediately to limit the impact of COVID-19 on your life. She will provide:

  • Lifestyle recommendations on how to build your immune system holistically to minimize the effects of Coronavirus
  • Basic tips to keep your digestion, elimination and sleep balanced – The three main pillars of healthy immune system
  • Breathing techniques to increase capacity of your lungs
  • Herbs to boost your immune system
  • What to do at the first signs of symptoms

Plan to walk away from this workshop with inspiration and a positive outlook on how you can take control of your health and immune system.

Breakout Room — 10:00 AM & 11:00 AM

Dr. Ranjana Chawla

Dr. Ranjana Chawla, Ay.D

The Ayur Ayurveda and Yoga Practice, LLC

Ranjana Chawla heals medical conditions of all kinds by finding the root cause and resolving imbalances in your physical, emotional and spiritual health. Her clients achieve and maintain healthy and balanced lives.

Ranjana is a Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine and a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist. She also works as a supervisor & faculty for the California College of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is holistic medicine that is both preventative and curative and customized to your own body constitution. It originated in India over 5000 years ago and is the best herbal medicine in the world.

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Ranjana is a certified yoga & meditation teacher and has a Master’s degree in Indian history from Delhi University, India. She is a certified HR professional (PHR) and has worked for Fortune 100 companies prior to her career in Ayurvedic medicine.
Physical Health

Don’t Fear The ER

Come learn the myths and facts about visiting an Emergency Room during these stressful times. Dr. Laura Cook, ER Medical Director, will answer your questions on how to identify what health related symptoms require emergency medical care.

Breakout Room — 10:00 AM & 11:00 AM

Laura Cook, M.D., FACEP

Laura Cook, M.D., FACEP

Chairman and Medical Director

Department of Emergency Medicine StoneSprings Hospital Center

Laura Cook, MD M.D., FACEP, is Chairman and Medical Director of the Department of Emergency Medicine at StoneSprings Hospital Center. She is a native of Northern Virginia where she graduated from Herndon High School. Dr. Cook received her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from the University of Virginia. She attended the University of Michigan for medical school and received her Emergency Medicine residency training at Christiana Care Health System in Delaware which is a level 1 trauma center, stroke center and cardiovascular center.

Dr. Cook was an attending physician at Reston Emergency Department since July 2010. She worked at the free standing StoneSprings Emergency Center and was the first assistant medical director of the Emergency Department when the hospital opened in 2015.

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Since 2019, Dr. Cook has been the Medical Director and has served on the Medical Executive Committee, Sepsis Committee, Chest Pain Committee and occasionally lectures to EMS on different topics such as stroke, chest pain and OB emergencies. Dr. Cook is married and has three sons.

Preparing Your Body for Crisis

Learn how what you are doing TODAY can help you prepare you physically and mentally for the next crisis. Loriana will share the 3 steps to best meet traditional medicine half way to become your own advocate and health hero.

Closing Speaker — 11:55 AM

Loriana Hernandez-Aldama

Loriana Hernandez-Aldama

Survivor | Educator | Speaker

ArmorUp for LIFE

Loriana’s unique broadcasting talent has taken her across the country from CNN Headline News to local stations in California and throughout Texas (Dallas/Austin). Hard news has always been Loriana’s primary post, however her most passionate assignments have centered on the transformational power of health, fitness, and nutrition. Loriana’s health and fitness stories have aired on FOX News stations and she was recognized by Austin Fit Magazine and Austin MD Magazine as a “Top 20 woman who has shaped the city’s health and wellness.”

It wasn’t until Loriana’s own cancer diagnosis (AML Leukemia) and fierce one-year battle that she uncovered the biggest story of her career. It was then that she discovered the true medical advantages of leading a healty life – her doctors told her that the more fit she was, the more aggressively they could treat her and the better her chances of survival. Inspired by this, Loriana founded ArmorUp for LIFE with the core message of PREhabilitation tm, meeting the medicine halfway, showing up fit for the fight and becoming an equal partner in your own success.

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Loriana’s ArmorUp for LIFE story, mission, and message are resonating on a national stage through several media platforms. Loriana has graced the cover of magazines Health Monitor and CANCER Today, appeared on national/local TV and radio networks to discuss break-through treatments and research, been profiled in ASCO’s Cancer.Net Blog (American Society of Clinical Oncology), addressed the FDA about fast tracking the latest treatment in cancer, and often serves as a keynote speaker, conference host and/or moderator in and out of the cancer space.

TRANSPARENT. BOLD. HONEST. Those words are often used to describe Loriana’s delivery and impact when she’s on stage sharing her story and inspiring her audience about finding work-life balance. She sheds light on the real impact of cancer, the potential consequences of not recharging and why the time is now to make a change in your own life and become your own HERO.

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